1. When and whenever possible, the organization’s tax exempt form shall be used (available on the PPO web­site).

    2. If possible, purchaser should try to work with store officials to get KHS PPO recognized as tax exempt. This will require submission of tax exempt form and possibly corporate not­for­profit designation papers.

    3. The KHS PPO Treasurer will be able to work with individual volunteers to facilitate this process.


    1. Any volunteer purchasing on behalf of a KHS PPO function/activity, shall complete and submit the KHS PPO Reimbursement Form (web­site download) not more than 2 weeks after the event/function 

    2. The form and attendant receipts shall be submitted to the organization’s Treasurer (or Class Treasurer­ see form for clarification) in any of three ways:  mail, email (scanned receipts) or via phone pix of form and receipts

    3. Purchaser should retain a copy for personal files

    4. The KHS PPO Treasurer will review documentation and provide reimbursement generally within two weeks of receiving the request.

    5. Whenever possible, the organization’s tax exempt form shall be used (available on the PPO web­site). If tax is charged, a note to the Treasurer to explain why it was charged is needed. (i.e.; Sam’s doesn’t recognize KHS PPO because of membership card and payment issues.)

    6. Any extra supplies not used should be placed in the PPO closet.

    Any questions about this policy shall be directed to the KHS PPO Treasurer.