• The Production Company relies on the parents of KH Players to volunteer at least once during the school year. Instead of asking you to buy more chocolate bars and wrapping paper you don't need, we just ask you to donate a few hours of your time to make things run smoothly for the kids.

    If your child participates in a performance this year, whether as cast member or crew  you are expected to volunteer.

    We use an online volunteer signup service called Volunteer Spot. Click on one of the links below to sign up. You'll be asked for your email address, which is used only to send you reminders and is not shared with anyone except the volunteer coordinator.

    Currently Needed

    Tech Week Food: Help serve delicious food to the cast and crew during the hectic days of Tech Week. No cooking required, just fill their plates. They will be so glad to see you!

    Performance Concessions: Help sell cookies and soda during intermission at performances. You can still see the show!

    Box Office: Help with ticket sales and the "Will Call" window at the Keating Theatre before the performances. Seats are reserved so you will have plenty of time to find your spot before the show begins!

    For the KH Players Annual Drama Banquet:

    The Drama Banquet will be held Wednesday, May 6, 2020 at 6:00 pm in the KHS Cafeteria, followed at 7:00 pm by a presentation in the Keating Theatre. This special evening is a step above the average high school awards presentation and features serious and funny awards, amusing out-takes, as well as the much-anticipated announcement of next year's productions. All members of the cast, crew and their parents are invited. We will need volunteers to help plan, set up, and clean up. 

    • More information and sign up coming soon!

    For the Dance Competition Concessions:

    Our major fundraiser every year is our concession sales during the dance competitions at Keating Center on weekends. Our KH Player students sell hot dogs, pizza, etc. to the dance students and their families who attend these day-long competitions. Adults are needed to supervise the KH Players who run the concession stand from the KHS Cafeteria.

    Weekend Captain: Usually shared by two people, this job does not require you to serve a particular shift, but to be "on call" during the day in case the parent supervisor needs you. You might need to get change for the cash box, for instance. The weekend captains help set up and clean up each day, and inventory the food to know what needs to be replenished.

    Parent Supervisor: An adult must be present while the KH Players are selling food because of the money changing hands. The parent supervisor serves a three-hour shift, orders more pizza when necessary, and lends a hand if the students need you when things get busy.

    Think About Next Year...

    We are always looking for new parents to join us. Our Board consists of a President and Vice President, or two Co-Presidents; a Treasurer; and a Secretary. We also have several Committee Chairs and Coordinators. Are you interested in joining us, the famously "no-drama" drama parents group? Email Shanon Feltmann, president.

    KH Players Production Company

    Vice Presidents - Robin and John Mohler

    Secretary - Marie Romano

    Treasurer - Greg Booth

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    Performance Concession Sales -

    Tech Week Food Coordinators  -

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