• Kirkwood High school offers an Extended School Year program (ESY) for its students during the month of June. The program consists of credit recovery and credit enhancement courses. You may enroll in either credit recovery or credit enhancement-not both. Both programs require strict attendance-lack of attendance will result in being dropped from the course. 

    Credit Recovery

    Credit recovery courses are designed for students who fail a core class (Social Studies, Math, English, & Science) and must retake the class to meet a graduation requirement. Courses run 4 hours in length for 17 days.  

    If you are enrolled in Credit Recovery, you are ineligible to take Credit Enhancement courses. 

    Credit Recovery 2021 will start on 6/2 and end on 6/24.

    Credit Enhancement

    Kirkwood ESY Enhancement Courses 

    • The KHS Enhancement classes will run from 6/1/2021 through 6/28/2021. 
    • KHS will be offering Lifetime Fitness, Health and Personal Finance.
    • Students taking Health or Personal Finance for credit enhancement will take the courses online, via Schoology. These courses will be taught by KSD teachers, using Kirkwood curriculum. 
    • Students taking Lifetime Fitness for credit enhancement will attend class on campus. IMPORTANT: There will be an attendance policy for this course. Students enrolled in Lifetime Fitness must attend in person 19 of the 20 days of the course.  If a student is forced to miss class due to COVID isolation or quarantine, he or she will drop the class, penalty-free, with the option to take PE via Launch in July. 


    ESY Enhancement sign up will start on March 18th, 2021 at 1:15 pm (the start of Homeroom). Please use the link provided below. The link will close at 8:00 am on March 30th.




    REMINDER: Credit enhancement – Students who have not failed a core course can take a credit enhancement class. Any student enrolled in credit recovery is ineligible to take a credit enhancement course. 


    Lifetime Fitness will be offered on campus.  Lifetime Fitness will have two time slots - 7:30 am to 10:30 am and 10:45 am to 1:45 pm. 


    Priority for enrollment is given to rising senior students who need the course for graduation.  Enrollment is based on graduation year and time stamp. Students can take one course for ½ credit or two courses for 1 credit.  Bus service is not available for credit enhancement.


    Launch Classes 2021

    If you wish to take a course through Springfield Public Schools and their Launch program, you must sign up through KHS with the following link. Courses through Launch in June (6/7 - 6/30) and July (7/7 - 7/30).




    Launch Summer 2021 course offerings can be found at the following link. Launch courses are free for Summer 2021. These courses may fill up quickly so don’t delay on enrolling your student. If you have any questions about class compatibility, please contact your grade level guidance counselor.