• We are excited to again offer Adventure Club (before and after school care) at our elementary schools for 2021-2022 school year. 
    Historically, we have had enrollment numbers of over 750 students. It is our goal to work towards offering care to that similar number of students; however, we may need to start with a smaller number of children while we transition back to offering the program again. This rollout is important to ensure our procedures are in place and effective.
    The enrollment process is different than in year's past. We will first need families to place their child(ren) on the waitlist.
    Please click the link below to join the waiting list.  


    When a spot becomes available, families will receive information to officially register their child(ren) into Adventure Club.
    If you have any questions, please contact Mandy Rose
    Dear Prospective Adventure Club Family,
    Thank you for your interest in our program as we look to the 2021-2022 school year. You are receiving this email as a family who is currently on our 2021-22 Adventure Club waitlist. This email is to serve as an update to you on our anticipated timeline for extending a registration invitation to families, and our enrollment capacity for each elementary school. At this time, our staffing capacity guidelines allow us to offer Adventure Club services to 75 students at each elementary, (for a total of 375 District-wide). We are now ready to begin transitioning 75 students from each elementary school from the waitlist, to actual "registered" Adventure Club students at the respective elementary school. To accomplish this, we will send out staggered emails asking families to complete the registration process. 
    - During the week of June 7th, families at the top of each school waitlist will receive an email from mandy.rose@kirkwoodschools.org inviting them to complete the registration process. This first round of emails will be sent to approximately 50 families from each elementary school who are currently on the waitlist. We ask that you complete your family's Adventure Club registration within the defined timeline communicated to secure enrollment in the program. 
    -UPDATE 6-17-21 **As hiring proceeds, our plan is to send an email to a second group of approximately 25 families from each elementary school who are currently on the waitlist. 
    - From there, we will continue securing additional staff and invite families weekly based on our staffing capacity.  
    Thank you once again for your interest in our program and your ongoing support as we work to restore services.  We are absolutely eager to serve your family!