• ATLAS (Alternatives Towards Learning And Success)

    ATLAS fosters nurturing and supportive relationships in order to create powerful, engaging instruction and experiences that stretch students in ways they never envisioned so that they may become positive and productive citizens while at KHS and beyond.

    • The ATLAS Program is a voluntary alternative program on the campus of Kirkwood High School.
    • ATLAS strives to enable struggling students to achieve academic success, meet graduation requirements, and prepare for life beyond KHS.
    • ATLAS provides an alternative setting for students who may be underperforming, underserved or who are experiencing other life circumstances, which may prevent them from finding success.
    • ATLAS students can earn credit in English, Math, History and Science. These courses are aligned with the Kirkwood High School curriculum and meet Missouri state standards.
    • The ATLAS Program also provides a way for students to earn credit for courses while working at their own pace by enrolling in the Credit Recovery/ Enhancement Program. The program uses OdysseyWare, an online, web-based curriculum.

    Please refer questions regarding the ATLAS Program to Kelly Nevins, ATLAS Department Chair, at 314.213.6100 ext. 1287.