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  • Let's get to know one another!

    I will be providing 15 minute time slot opportunities to meet with families either at the Pavilion at Robinson or via Zoom. I apologize for limiting the meeting to 15 minutes, and I am hoping this will allow me to meet with a greater amount of families. I will provide a sign up genius link each week in the newsletter. You will need to click on the link to select one time slot. After selecting your time slot- you will put in your email and which format you prefer (pavilion or zoom). If you choose zoom, I will then email you a link to join. If you choose pavilion, we will need to follow social distancing guidelines and you must have a mask with you.

    For the format of the meeting, I am flexible. It can be an open format and you and your child(ren) may share whatever you'd like or ask whatever questions you'd like. However, if you would like me to share a structure, I like the hopes and dreams format. This format has you share the child's strengths, and what you hope/dream for your child for this school year. With only 15 minutes, it is hard to get a lot of depth, but we can always follow up via email or phone if needed.

    Use this Sign Up Genius Link to pick a slot for July 6-9. There will be additional sign ups each week.

    Dr. OH

    To read the rest of the Parent Newletter click here!

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  • Dear Robinson Families,

    Let me start by saying that I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones safe. As you well know, this has been a difficult few months on many levels. As a community, we are facing the emotional, mental, physical, and economic hardships of COVID-19 while now additionally experiencing the turmoil surrounding the wrongful death of George Floyd.

    While we will each feel unique emotions and examine our beliefs and perspectives in individual ways, there are a few things I know without a shadow of a doubt:

    • All members of the Robinson community deserve to feel valued.
    • Racism exists. In our school, in our community, in our nation. We didn’t choose for it to be there, but, if we don’t act, we are contributing to it.
    • Whether they are directly experiencing it, watching it unfold on tv, or aware of it in the periphery, our kids are witnessing racially fueled violence. This is traumatic, and they need to process it.
    • Our kids are brilliant and passionate.  They want to, and are capable of, talking about hard things.  Two years ago, we started intentional instruction on topics of bias and oppression with our 5th graders (year 1) and this year we added our 4th graders to the conversation (although the number of lessons was cut short due to Covid!). Under the leadership of Dr. Wilson and our Social Emotional team, the plan is to include 3rd grade next year, and so on. The team is writing the curriculum as they go, as we have yet to find a curriculum that addresses these issues in ways think are best for kids. 
    • The staff of Robinson is committed to building collective humanity through education.
    • ALL MEMBERS of the Robinson community deserve to feel valued.

    Because of my unwavering belief in these statements, I want to support your children and you. We have a unique opportunity to lean into discomfort... to talk, connect, and act.


    PARENT SUPPORT:  Robinson has a strong and growing parent Equity Group, dedicated to advocacy, education and action. Please reach out to the co-chairs Emily Kohring ( or Alicia Stowers ( for more info or request to join their Facebook page: Robinson Equity Group.

    There is also a district wide Equity group on Facebook: Kirkwood MO Educational Equity.


    If you are still feeling uncomfortable debriefing what has been happening in our world with your child (and that’s okay if you’re not ready yet), we have people who are willing to help.  Reach out to some friends, form a group, and let us know.  We will assign a someone (teacher, counselor, or myself) to meet with the group of students and help them process. You would, of course, be invited to join the conversation too!

    Please reach out with any questions or input.  And, if you have additional resources that would be helpful to share with our families, please send them my way.  I value each and every one of you and the many beautiful, diverse ideas and experiences you bring to Robinson. I know our community can come together and be a model of love and healing.

    My best, Jennifer

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