Standardized testing is an essential part of the high school experience and these exams are important to both the students and our school.  Performing well on these exams can provide scholarship opportunities, college credit, and/or acceptance into various institutions. In addition, some tests are required by the state to earn a high school diploma.  The KHS Standardized Testing Information Sheet provides general testing information and suggested timelines.

    While testing is important, it can sometimes be very stressful for students, teachers, and parents, so it helps to be prepared. Parents can help their children perform at their best by encouraging them to get adequate sleep the night before each testing day and to eat a proper breakfast before school.  These behaviors increase the likelihood that students will perform their best.

    The regular school attendance policy will be in effect during testing days. Parents/guardians should call the Grade Level Office in the event their child must be absent from school (students absent on testing days will be required to complete a make-up testing program). Eligibility policies for extracurricular activity participation will also be in full effect on assessment days.

    Please see the testing calendar below for specific dates. If you have questions or concerns about testing, please contact your child’s grade level office or grade level counselor.