• The following students are eligible for FREE Transportation:

    • Resident elementary students living one mile or more from school,
    • Resident middle school students living 1.5 miles or more from school, and
    • Resident high school students living two (2) miles or more from school

    Free transportation will not be provided other children, except for those whose practicable pedestrian route to and from school is determined by the Board to be unreasonably hazardous, according to the procedures in EEA-AP2.

  • Bus Passes

    Students who live outside of the free transportation distances may purchase a bus pass. The cot of a bus pass is set each year by the Kirkwood Board of Education and can be purchased when there is available space on the bus. Routes are determined by eligibility an are available at the nearest existing bus stop.

    Please contact Student Services at 314-213-6105 if you desire a bus pass. 

    The rates for the 2018-19 school year are as follows:

    • $520.00 for regular price (pro-rated monthly)
    • $135.00 if your child receives free or reduced lunch

    Please note: we can only accept cash or checks at this time and the payment must be made in full.

  • Student Conduct on School Transportation

    Please see Regulation JFCC-R1 under District Policies