• Kirkwood School District Boundary Adjustments

  • August 29 Update: We want to express our appreciation to our community for their engagement and thoughtful feedback over the past month. It is a critical component of the boundary adjustment process and allows us to partner with the public as we plan for next steps. Thanks to the comments and questions of our families, residents and community members and in consultation with the Board of Education, we’ve identified a need for continued conversation. With this in mind, we are providing an updated timeline for the process. 

    We continue to move toward implementation of the boundary adjustments for the 2024-25 school year. However, we want to ensure we have all the data possible to come to a final recommendation that will ensure students have the space they need to learn and grow. During the coming weeks, we will be collaborating with the specialized consultant to develop additional scenarios based on the two rounds of feedback we’ve completed. This third round of scenarios will be initially presented to the Board of Education in October. We will then follow the established process for gathering feedback utilizing online and in-person opportunities. This timeline will also ensure the district is able to update the official enrollment data as well as receive the annual enrollment projections to make any necessary adjustments prior to presenting a final scenario to the Board of Education for approval. The goal with the updated timeline is to present a final map for approval by the Board of Education by January 2024. This will still allow families affected by the changes to have time to pursue the waiver process to remain at their current school prior to the start of the 2024-25 school year.

    Updated timeline for boundaries