• New For 2022-23:

    1. KSD Reservation Form:  reserves your STEAMFest spot PLUS makes you eligible for email support, reminders and help

    2. Quad Chart:  single page, quick project overview

    3. Team Projects:   a maximum of two students from the same school will be allowed to submit as a team (grades K-4 only) (Any resulting cash awards from ASSLSF will be divided evenly)

    4. Class Projects:  now available for grades 5 and 6 with pre-approval from ASSLSF

    5. Class Projects:  the teacher can facilitate the project in class or via Zoom or their online platform.
    6. Logbook Sources:  a minimum of three sources are required (No specific required format; Students may use teacher as one source; grades K thru 2 may use a parent, guardian or caregiver as one source)

    7. Students who qualify for and participate in ASSLSF may not enter a science fair in a neighboring community (i.e., Mastodon Science Fair)

Last Modified on November 9, 2022