Westchester At the 2022 Green Tree Parade

    I frequently hear the question: "What does PTO even do?" Well, today was the culmination of so much hard work across all our PTO committees. A big THANK YOU to the Eberles, Weinsteins, Kinsers, and the parents who put so much time, effort, energy, and creativity into our 2022 Float. We won 2nd place among all floats entered in the parade!! Thank you to the Niemanns, chair of WE Give, and everyone who contributed to WE Give. Your hard work and contributions make things like the Westchester float and all our fun events possible. Thank you to Kate Wilkins and Amy Schwacker who worked so hard to get all of us our WE Gear to wear today. All the shirts arrived last week and right on time to create a sea of red WE spirit gear headed Eastbound down Essex!! Thank you to Elissa Miller, and Carolyn Weiss for collecting the candy that we got to pass out today. Thank you Dr. Frizzle for going all out and being part of the fun! And finally, though last, certainly not least, thank you to our chicken checkers who take such great care of our school mascots.
    Thank you