• Course Description

    Students enrolled in Statistics will learn to collect, organize, compare and summarize data and create visual representations of data. Topics will include the measure of central tendency, normal distributions, probabilities, and statistical error. Students will extend their study to include real-world situations.

    Grade Levels: 10th-12th grades

    Related Priority Standards (State &/or National): K-12 Mathematics Missouri Learning Standards

    Enduring Understanding/Big Ideas:

    • Students will determine expressions and values using mathematical operations, procedures and rules.
    • Students will translate mathematical information from a single representation or across multiple representations in order to develop processes to problem solve.
    • Students will recognize mathematical reasoning requires justification of both process and solution.
    • Students will use correct notation, language and mathematical convention to classify concepts and communicate results or solutions.

    Course Level Scope & Sequence (Units &/or Skills):

    • Unit 1: Descriptive Statistics
    • Unit 2: Probability
    • Unit 3: Normal Distributions
    • Unit 4: Inference
    • Unit 5: Final Project