• For nearly 50 years, the Kirkwood School District has retained the same school boundaries. Prop R construction will increase capacity at some schools and provide the opportunity to evaluate our boundaries to ensure we are best serving all families in our District. Work has been underway since 2020 to engage with  parents, community members and staff to begin the work of envisioning updated boundaries.

    Check back for additional information, updates and frequently asked questions. 

  • Why is the District making changes to boundaries?

  • How do I know if my family will be affected by the boundary work?

  • My student is currently at a school. What if the new boundaries would require that they change schools?

  • If my student applies for a waiver, will they qualify for transportation?

  • I have a student that is not school age, but was planning on them to attend a specific elementary school. If the new boundaries would change their school, can I apply for a waiver?

  • I have multiple children. If one is at a school and the other has not started at that school yet and the boundaries change, can they stay together?

  • If my student gets a waiver to continue at their elementary school and the boundary adjustments also require a change in middle schools, will they be able to get an additional waiver?

  • How will boundary changes affect transportation eligibility?