• FAQ - Instructional Materials

    Instructional resources include materials that might be used in the classroom to support student learning. Some resources used by teachers are adopted for district-wide use as part of a curriculum review and development cycle.  There are policies and procedures (IIA & IIA-AP1) that outline the selection of materials to be used across the district in the teaching of our curriculum. The Board approves formally adopted curriculum, as well as many textbook and related resource purchases.

    K-12 teachers also regularly use supplemental resources to support instruction. This may include, but not be limited to the use of articles, short texts, current events, read alouds, and data charts to add relevance and rigor to classroom learning.  These resources should conform to any and all applicable standards for selection and use under district policy or pre-approval procedures.

    A number of frequently asked questions are listed below.  Readers can user the drop-down arrow next to each question to learn more, or you can click Expand All.  Frequently asked questions about library media can be found HERE.

  • How are decisions made about instructional materials to be used with students?

  • Who makes decisions about textbooks, books, and other instructional materials used in classrooms?

  • Do all courses use a textbook to support teachers’ delivery of curriculum?

  • How are books chosen for reading in ELA or English classes?

  • Does the Board of Education approve all instructional materials used in support of student learning?

  • What is the difference between core or primary resources and those used to supplement instruction?

  • What if parents or guardians have concerns about an adopted resource or supplemental materials?