• September

    Perseverance means to continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulties. 

    As we continue to move further into the quarter/school year our students will begin to endure more challenges inside and outside of the classroom.  One of the many roles we have as parents, caretakers, and staff is to foster learning and help our students build a toolbox they can use to help them persevere and be resilient when challenges arise. 

    Model problem solving within your home. Let your student see you struggle or share a time when you have had to overcome an obstacle. 

    Praise your student’s efforts, not their results, as praising efforts can lead to a fixed mindset and your student may think that their intelligence is unchangeable. Below are examples of ways to encourage your student without just using the phrase “good job”:

    • “Your hard work really shows.”

    • “How did you get to that answer?”

    • “Tell me what made you proud.”

    • “This is so creative!”

    • “I admire this because…..”


    Carmon Griffin: 6th Grade Counselor

    Nelson Taylor: 7th Grade Counselor

    Lauren Wallace: 8th Grade Counselor

    Tonya Ampey-Elong: Social Worker