Families gather for the dedication near the Project IDEA banners.
  • Project IDEA Mission:

    To provide a natural, sustainable and inclusive outdoor space where students, families and members of the community can learn together.


    A Landscape for Learning

    Project IDEA appeals to different people for different reasons – each important in its own right.  As an outdoor extension of our school, Project IDEA provides appealing spaces for students to engage in high-quality learning, particularly in science.  Inclusive by design, Project IDEA ensures purposeful spaces where children of all sizes and abilities will learn together.  Project IDEA also provides a natural place for play, filled not with steel or plastic structures but with inviting spaces for learners to creatively engage with nature and with each other.  Finally, our innovative space offers a connection to the environment, with purposeful opportunities for children and adults to learn responsible stewardship of the world in which we live.  Designed to meet the needs and interests of children, Project IDEA implores learners of all ages to Imagine, Discover, Explore and have Adventures they’ll treasure forever.

    Project IDEA is where these wonderful ideas come together.  It is a space - and  a way of thinking, that appeals to our childhood instincts of exploration, curiosity, wonder, and play, just as it offers opportunities to stimulate our brains and bodies through education and movement.  Keysor and the Kirkwood School District are committed to “whole child” education, including the arts, health and wellness, critical thinking, character education, teamwork, and social responsibility, and we can’t think of a better space to foster these skills and understandings in children.