The J. Milton Turner Building

  • Turner School alumni at the J. Milton Turner Buidling

    Alumni of the Turner School gathered for a celebration
    when the District again acquired the property. 

    Our Administrative Services Center is located at the J. Milton Turner Building, 1099 Milwaukee St., Kirkwood, MO 63122. This serves as the location for the offices of Superintendent, Community Relations and Development, Curriculum and Instruction, Finance, Human Resources and Student Services.

    Opened in 1925, it was originally named Meacham Park Elementary School and was established in response to petitions submitted by African American residents requesting a school closer to their homes. In 1932, the Board of Education approved the renaming of the school as the J. Milton Turner School. The school served students until the 1975-76 school year when it closed. It was sold by the district in 1980. In the early 2000s, it was converted to office space. It was purchased by the District in 2021.